September 4, 2008

The Hurricane Shuffle

The hurricane shuffle has begun. Is Hanna even coming this way? When will it come? Will the ferry be operational? Will they evacuate the island? Do we leave early? If so, when do we go?

We made a reservation for the Ocracoke to Cedar Island ferry to leave a day early, 7am Friday morning. We are hoping to just barely out run the storm. Mike drove his jeep down but he has taken the hard top off. It only has a bimini top so if it is raining hard, he will be wet! The rest of us will be staying dry in my car.

Yesterday we spent all day at the beach and it was a beautiful day. We all got a little bit burned, but it was awesome. Today we are riding bikes to Ocracoke Coffee, wandering around in the shops and heading back out to the beach again.

Bella is with us. Last night she was exhausted after a day of chasing plovers on the beach. Somehow she even managed to evade the beach police who have yelled at us in years past to 'Get your dogs on leashes!'.

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Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you are having fun...sure hope Hanna doesn't spoil your fun. Keep posting the great pics.

BTW, you aren't missing anything back here, I'm a little lonely :)