September 2, 2008

Hanna - are you kidding me?

Here comes Hurricane Hanna. It is not definite, but it does appear that Hanna is directing her eye on the Carolinas. For the time being we are ignoring her and hoping she decides to ruin someone else's beach trip.

Penny feeding H dinner (this is from the previous night). Look how wide he is opening his mouth. He has also started to bang his hand on the tray if the food is not coming fast enough. How polite.

This morning Penny got Hudson dressed. Dressing him is no small feat. Kind of like trying to put a baby octopus into a sack. But Penny eventually succeeded. Baby-zero, Nephrologist -1.

Next we packed up Hudson and his belongings and jumped on the ferry to Cedar Island, then drove to Beaufort to meet up with Ralph and Sandy and do the 'baby hand off'. It was a compromise that Mike and I made regarding the vacation. 4 days of Hudson at the beach, 4 days of NO Hudson at the beach. R&S were so kind to drive to Beaufort (3 hours) to pick him up.

I get sea sick pretty easily, so I need to manage my activity on boats (keep eyes on the horizon, limit my movement, deep breaths of fresh air, etc.).

But Hudson wanted none of that.

And thought it would be way more fun (for him) to pull my hair.

Not even putting my hair in a ponytail deterred him.

Family self portrait. It's Mike's fault his head is cut off, being a giant and all.

We arrived in Beaufort. What an awesome little town, although Mike and his folks all separately remarked that it seems to be getting a little run down. Bummer.

Mike is a really good photographer, but can almost never get the camera out of my hands these days. We had no Hudson on the return trip to Ocracoke, so I relinquished the camera. He snapped some nice photos.

Back on the Island....

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Anthony said...

Penny tries to manhandle me like that too. I usually react something like that.

Hudson, I feel your pain.

I think this highlights the growing but poorly recognized problem of Boys Ill-Treated by Scrawny Ho's (BISH).

I will be starting a support group. Watch for my blog!