September 21, 2008

Zero to Sixty

It was a busy weekend at our house, mostly because Hudson has gone from zero to sixty in the last three days. He is crawling everywhere now and getting into everything. Yesterday afternoon, within a 5 minute span he:
  1. tried to get into the garbage
  2. crawled over to Timber's food bowl and put his hand in it
  3. reached for the electrical outlet
  4. tried to crawl outside to the deck but got hung up on the screen door (ok, he tried to crawl THROUGH the screen, using his head like a bulldozer - hey I didn't say he was a genius, just that he is mobile)
More developments:

Pulling up. This could be problematic and it is only a matter of time before he tries to pull up on a stool and it falls on him. I guess we'll actually have to watch him, as much as that will cramp our style (kidding!.. mostly).

Discovery that he can get from A to B faster than the speed of light in his 'walker'. Prior to yesterday he didn't realize that his flailing legs were the cause of his locomotion.

Oh great! Finally someone to help me with the dishes! Now he can start to earn his keep.

The progression of pulling up.

A fascination with the door stop. He has found most of them in the house, and one at Ralph and Sandy's too.

Here he is, demonstrating his new 'walking' skills. Poor, poor dogs. As if their lives weren't terrible enough after Hudson arrived. Now this......

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Catherine said...

Wow, you guys are in for it all at once! Good luck, drink more wine. -C