September 17, 2008

On my way home....

So I've been MIA this week but back home late tonight. I've been in Dallas for the last 3 days at a financial industry / housing summit. Doom and gloom to say the least.

Mike has had Hudson all to himself this week (lucky bastard!). But tonight H is spending the night with his Grandma and Grandpa as Mike and I pass each other in the air. Me heading home, Mike heading out on a business trip until Friday.

Tomorrow I can't wait to get my meat hooks on that little man.

Ok, they are closing the airplane door and the air waitress is about to confiscate my phone. I am off.

P.S. The dogs broke into the pantry last night (or maybe Mike left the door open....) and ate 2 bags of Halloween chocolate. They even ate the wrapping. Awesome! Can't wait to see what results from that.

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1 comment:

Anthony said...

Oh. Noes.

Two whole bundles of chocolate.

Mike is escaping just in time. There's gonna be a crapalanche from dog butts.

Please, no blog pics when it finally comes out.