March 26, 2009

More Mini Me - and Mini Boden

More of Mike and his Mini Me. Had to post these pants that I ordered from Mini Boden. They have the coolest boy's stuff. The poor kid has been sick for a week with a litany of ailments but this morning we finally saw our old Hudson back again.

This was the tail end of a 'bye bye' wave.

March 24, 2009

Mike's Mini Me

Mike has a Mini Me. They are so adorably cute together. This morning Mike decided that H would wear the same colors as Daddy.

March 17, 2009

Water Bucket

It was pretty warm a few weekends ago and H thought it would be fun to play in the dogs' water bucket.

Mike dressed him after he was finished playing. Does anyone notice a problem here?

He wanted to play again later that same day. Why get another set of clothes wet?

Walking and General Monkey Business

Hudson's First Birthday

February 12, 2009. Hudson has a cup cake to celebrate this birthday around 7pm. He was born at 8:55pm the year before.

Time to decorate (and drink some boozers).

Party time! Mike brings new meaning to 'Pimp Daddy'.

Sharing cake with my best friend, Zoe.

Aunts Penny and Patti.

Opening presents.

Playing with my new farm.