July 18, 2011

My Boys Make Trouble

Mike and I were talking about a significant work issue and not paying a lot of attention to the boys. I vaguely noticed the lights going on and off once and the surround sound coming on in the kitchen. I looked over to see that the boys had pushed a chair over to reach the controls.

July 6, 2011

Peachtree Road Race 2011

This year Vickie and I ran the famed Peachtree Road Race. 60,000 people, heat, humidity and hills in Atlanta.  We clocked a good time considering the 2 bottles of wine we shared the day before and a serious lack of training.   We're hoping we can make an annual event out of it.

For those who do not know about Peachtree: the bars all open very early on that day and scores of people come out to drink and watch the runners. After the race there is a big party in Piedmont Park or the runners all head in to the bars to join in with the spectators.  It was a great time. My favorite sight was the priest outside of St. Timothy's church who threw holy water on us and gave us a blessing as we ran by.  And we didn't die on Cardiac Hill - the big, long hill that ends with Piedmont Hospital at the very top. There were bands playing and music blasting the entire 10K. 

Check out these outfits: