November 19, 2009

First Pictures of H2

If you've never seen 3D images of the unborn you may not know what you're looking at. But here is the first photo of  H2 (still un-named).  It's really hard to imagine what he will look like from these images, but I guess we only have 2 more months before we meet him and find out.

Here he is with his hand over this face. He's on the right side of the photo (profile shot):

November 17, 2009

Poor Cat

I'm not sure why the cat tolerated this for so long. By the time I got the camera it had been going on several minutes already.

November 13, 2009

Leaves Continued....

The leaf playing continued on into the weekend....

More cuteness on Sunday.

Throwing a ball for Max.

November 12, 2009

Playing in the Leaves

It's getting dark so early now, but that doesn't stop Hudson from wanting to be ahhh-side (outside).   He played in the leaves last Friday evening.

He jumped in the leaves until he hurt his neeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

November 10, 2009

Tough Guy

Hudson got a shiner at school. He was climbing on a bookshelf and fell off. He actually looks pretty cute with his purple eye.

November 9, 2009


I am feeling the need to defend myself before I post these photos.  Since I've become a mother I have noticed that there is scrutiny (and judgment passing) around what parents should let their children eat.  Mike and I are active, at a healthy BMI (well, when I'm not 7+ months pregnant) and neither of us has ever struggled with a weight issue. So I say, 'let the kid be a kid and everything in moderation'.

No, this donut is not organic and the chocolate is not carob. It's a plain 'ole, greasy, sugar-laden donut from Dunkin Donuts. 

And for what it's worth, I also let him have candy, hot dogs, potato chips, french fries and chocolate milk.  Quick, someone call CPS.

November 4, 2009

Hudson's Costume Has Returned

I've had tons of people ask about H's costume, and the circumstances in which it was returned.

Our awesome daycare owner(s) chased down the only parent who did not return Saturday's calls (three calls) when the parent surfaced on Monday morning. The parent's reaction?

'Oh yeah, I have that. My husband picked it up by accident. You' 

Actually, no. I don't know. My man and every other man I know would not have wanted a child to go without his costume on Halloween night. The costume was unceremoniously dropped off without an apology, a bottle of 'I'm so sorry' wine or an offer to reimburse Mike and I for the cost to replace it. Just a nonchalant, 'Yeah, I have it.'. The circumstances surrounding its disappearance continue to be very suspect.....  The daycare is insisting that they reimburse us, but I maintain that it is not their place to take any blame.

Given this reaction, I am no longer holding my breath for the apology that won't be coming.

No new pictures of H.  Mike is away in Boston and I am tired (the continuous night time peeing is wearing me down)! I had my 29 week check up this morning, survived the blood-letting and passed the glucose screening with flying colors.  I also managed to score an H1N1 vaccination.

Here is one of my favorite 'phone' pictures of him at Marbles Kids Museum.

And I found this alien in the dryer on Sunday.....I guess we're beginning the shenanigans phase of toddlerhood.

November 2, 2009

Halloween Drama..and Trick or Treat!

We had some late-breaking Halloween drama on Saturday.  Hudson's costume went missing from daycare on Friday. When I picked him costume.  Our daycare owners, teachers and director are so awesome and spent hours on Saturday attempting to locate it. They combed the facility and called all the parents on Saturday morning only to turn up nothing.  Seemed the one parent they were not able to get in touch with had accidentally taken his costume home with them....along with their own child's costume.

Are you raising your eyebrow right now and giving a side-eye? Yes, I am as well.

I can only assume that a person is either completely inconsiderate or a complete moron to do something like this (note that I am NOT saying can draw your own suspicions there).  Here is how the situation must have transpired:
  1. The teachers place each child's clothing (in this case, Halloween costume) from that day in the child's cubby. 
  2. The teachers don't pack up a child's bag, therefore the parent must be responsible for taking ONLY THEIR child's items. Parent uses well-functioning eyesight to make sure that they have the correct items.
  3. Parent somehow manages to NOT NOTICE that the bright orange outfit they just took does not belong to them. Moron Parent takes the item home with them. 
Now from here the situation can go one of two ways:
  1. Parent realizes that they have taken another kid's Halloween costume the day before Halloween, yet makes no attempt to see that it is returned in a timely manner.   OR
  2. Parent does not notice, when they go to retrieve their child's costume from their car / daycare bag, that another costume is also with their child's.  That's right, they fail to notice the bright orange costume staring them in the face. 
  3. It is unclear which of these sitations took place, but please refer to my statement that you are either inconsiderate or a complete moron for either one of these two scenarios to happen to you.

Back to the story. Next:
  1. Parent arrives back to the daycare Monday morning with costume in-hand. 
  2. Parent of child whose costume was taken awaits an apology......

Once we realized that the costume was not coming back in time for Trick or Treating, we frantically called the Museum of Life and Science and got lucky - they had one more in his size. After a 30 minute drive there and back, and some bucks shelled out for a second time, we had a new costume in hand.  We were determined not to let the Inconsiderate Moron Well-Meaning But Mistake-Making Parent ruin H's first Trick or Treat.

We took him to Grandma and Granpa's neighborhood where there were about eleventy-billion kids and he had a great time.  Here are the photos to prove it.