May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 3

General shenanigans from the weekend.

Soaked, after playing with the hose.

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Camera operation = FAIL. And my crappy software doesn't allow me to rotate videos. If you want to watch these you'll have to stand on your head.

These videos were taken as Hudson was (supposed to be) getting ready for bed.

These vids are for you Granny. It's been while since you've heard Hudson's silly squeals so... here you go!

May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend, Part 1

We had a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend. Hudson tootled around the yard quite a bit.


He loves the wheelbarrow.

How about a ride?

Mike was running at full steam and Hudson was giggling with wild abandon.


This is this the second copperhead found in less than a week. Mike relocated it near Falls Lake in an unpopulated area. If we find any more we've got a problem.

Mr. Snake did not appreciate being nudged with a stick.

The worst part - the snake was found hiding under this rock only 5 feet from where H is standing.

May 22, 2009

NHL, here we come

So while the Hurricanes may currently be down 2-0 to the Pens, we are cooking up the new crop of NHL players here in Raleightown.

This gear came for Hudson yesterday. Helmet, elbow pads and the tiniest skates you'll ever see. We'll be taking him up to The Factory on Sunday for the public skate.

For anyone interested in getting their little one hockey skates, look for the 'Youth' sizes. They are actually hard to find. I got these from American Hockey Center.

May 21, 2009

** Update to Splash Day **

So is seems that today is not Splash Day. My reading comprehension sucks and Splash Days don't start until June 1st. So my kid was the dork who went to school wearing his water shoes and swimming outfit.

I just checked the daycare cam and I see his teachers were kind enough to change him into something more suitable.

We love the Toddler teachers.

Splash Day

It's 'Splash Day' every Thursday in the summer at Hudson's daycare. The flyer that came home with him was very clear that anyone not wearing proper swim wear, including 'water shoes' would not be able to participate. Well, we couldn't have that!

Here he is, gettin' his sillies on this morning.

Enough pictures, pick me up!