May 19, 2011

Pool Construction.... Part 7

I wish there wasn't a Part 7 but rather a Part 'Finished'. But not just yet..... Next week will mark 5 full months for this project.

Concrete is complete. Next week is plaster, landscaping, building the fire pit and finishing the shower (which looks pretty cool - don't have a photo of that).

All these photos show the concrete before it was sealed. 

(fire pit, above)

This is what the walkways look like now, post-sealing:

May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I had a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating with my baby boys!  We went to our favorite locally-owned restaurant.  Thanks Mike, you're the best husband a girl could ask for.   :-)

(where there is Spiderman, there is happiness)

May 4, 2011

Pool Construction Part 6

Today is Wednesday...the concrete for all the walks and patios gets poured on Friday. Then the landscaping needs finishing (bar included), the pool needs to be plastered, diving board installed, pump connected, etc.  Only then we can fill it up.  So there is still a lot to be done (we're in the 5th month now).  I think we'll be swimming by Memorial Day.

Here are pictures from last evening. Where there is a metal grating on the ground, patio will be poured. Where there is dirt, it will be landscaping.

Hot tub / Pool. The table and chairs are on the tanning ledge. Why? I have no idea.

The patio walk from the driveway (on the left) and a landscaping bed (on the right).

Of course Hudson found a can of chewing tobacco left behind by the construction guys.

Outdoor kitchen / bar area and the patio to the basement door.

Stairs down to the fire pit.  The circle shows the position.

H on the stairs. The stone is so pretty.

Hudson looking in the fish pond. Have I mentioned I didn't want a fish pond?

The family. 

Mike has strep throat that he got from Link. He's grumpy.

(Oh these boys are so cute)

Easter 2011

Just a few snaps from Easter weekend. Seems that my boys love chocolate as much as their mama does.

We made happy kids. It's probably all the chocolate.