April 13, 2011

Pool Construction Part 5

To the untrained eye (like mine) it doesn't look like much has happened here in the last few weeks. But Mike assures me that it has!

The walls are all built. Next up: stamped concrete decking, pergola, outdoor kitchen. I am told that there will be 'lots of progress' next week. Which hopefully means this 3 month - turned 5 month project will be done in time for summer.  Here are the progress pictures from this morning:

Steps leading from the pool to the fire pit area.  Mike did a beautiful job choosing the stone. The pictures do not do the colors justice.

The right side is where the outdoor kitchen will be:

The fish pond. I didn't want one. I lost the battle:

Views from the 3rd floor deck:

Diving board and outdoor kitchen on the right side here:

April 4, 2011