October 30, 2009

More Halloween

Jeni (Henry's Mom) sent me her photos, so here they are.

How awesome is this picture?

Halloween at School This Morning

I am excited for this year's Halloween!  Hudson is old enough to understand the dressing up and candy-getting.  I got him a monkey costume, but he wanted nothing to do with it. So instead he wore his NASA flight suit that we had picked up during the visit to the Durham Museum of Life and Science

These photos are from this morning at school.

I feel for Karen and Jonathan. Zoe is going to be a heartbreaker.  Maybe I should feel preemptively sorry for Hudson who already seems to adore her.  He calls her 'ooo-eeee'.

Hudson and his good friend, Henry.

This next set are from the office Halloween party.  Note H eyeballing Shrek's donkey, then making his move.

October 27, 2009

New Boots for Hudson

Aunt Penny gave us this Marc Tetro book. But this post is about Hudson the kid, not the Siberian husky.

H needs boots for fall / winter so I got him some Uggs. I looked around for others, but none seemed flexible enough or cute enough.  When I confessed this to Penny (my shopping partner in crime) she exclaimed, 'I've already planned to get some for Daphne!'.   I can always count on PT to help me feel justified in my purchases.

When H opened the box, he wanted to try on his new 'booos'.

And as with most things lately, it ends up involving the potty.

October 26, 2009

Language Explosion

I believe we are experiencing the 'language explosion'. When H turned 20 months I made a list of all his words and he had about 70. This maybe be below average, I have no idea but we are enjoying the communication. This weekend he had a stomach ache (ok, I think the kid was constipated) and was pointing to his belly saying. 'Owwww'. 

This morning when I was driving (him to school and me to work) he was pointing out all the things on the drive.

'Goooooh'  (ghosts hanging in neighborhood trees)
'Mumin' (pumpkin)
'Naaaayyyy!'  (horses at the horse farm down the street)
'Tweee' (tree)

All this while he was eating his 'ancake' and making a huge mess in the backseat.

We have made progress with the pacifiers and all by his own doing. He no longer wants Bubby in his mouth at all times. He still wants to play with them, throw them around, hide them in his toys, etc. But now he's content to have one in his mouth only when he's tired or in bed.  We've gotten a little tricky with bedtime since we learned that a great way to get him to bed without even a peep is to ask him if he's ready to see his bubbies. Earlier in the evening one of us will have stocked the crib with 5-10 pacifiers. When he sees that his bubbies are already sleeping, he tries to climb in the crib, takes two fists full of bubbies, and goes to sleep. Easy peesy.

October 23, 2009

North Carolina State Fair

I have never enjoyed the state fair. Mike and I tend to go once every few years, then say, 'That was terrible! We're never going there again!'.   This year we went and had a blast. I think it had something everything to do with the kid.

Hudson ate crap, rode on the rides, took in the sights and petted the animals.  Mike and I just watched him and continue to be amazed at how great he is.

I thought this corn was a 'healthy' alternative to a corn dog... I'm not sure there is anything healthy to eat at the fair  (he later got a corn dog).

He seems a little bewildered about why I am on the horse beside him. The weight limit said 150 lbs so I said, 'oh what the heck'.  I think hope I am still under that.....

Next it was time for the livestock. He showed no fear of the cows and was excited to let one lick his hand.

Here he tries to pick a cow's nose.

And one last ride in a helicopter with Da-dee.

October 22, 2009

Welcome to Moe's!

I assume everyone will know what Moe's is - that quirky, fast food, tex-mex place where they all yell, 'Welcome to Moe's!' when you walk in. Vickie says she doesn't like Moe's because they, 'yell at me'.  Jonathan from Fake Dad tells Vickie to go on Tuesday night (Kid's Night) where not only do the employees yell at you, the patrons throw food as well.

Well, H loves Moe's and especially the chicken quesadilla.   If you don't believe me, you can judge for yourself.

October 21, 2009

Hudson likes shoes

Hudson got some new shoes and wanted to put them on...like NOW!  He's wearing a size 7 (I have no idea if this is big or small for his age).

These are all from See Kai Run - pretty much my favorite brand for little ones.

He is into shoes lately, says 'suuuue' a lot and wants to wear any that he finds laying around.